Get your Very Own Piece of Cloud

In the present market scenario, we are working round the clock for just one thing- productivity. Productivity defines the company’s standing in the competitive market .It’s the only key to success if you look at the bigger picture.

Even though the principle remains the same, its definition has changed overtime. Conventionally it’s meant to achieve what is in the guidelines and just that. But now, thinking in such a way has become outdated. It’s all about showing your competitors and customers that you’re better than the best and you are here to stay. So, when you have such high expectations of yourself, you can’t afford to think like an average Joe. You have to sharp, smart and committed to the cause. This is where you need Collaboration.

To stand in this competitive market with your head held high, you need allies. Collaboration helps you with it. Collaboration ensures that you are constantly in touch with your business’s ecosystem. This means that decisions can be taken quickly, employees will be constantly in touch with each other. All this boils to one conclusion- teamwork will always get you better results.

Now collaboration on its own is a worthy candidate. Because of collaboration, all of the business components move towards one focal point where you can find tools like email, voice mail, document sharing etc. This way everything is at your fingertips. So now you take this valuable contender and power it with cloud and we have a match made in heaven.

Cloud Collaboration is gaining quite a reputation and it completely deserves it. This new technology allows you to upload, comment and input ideas in the documents. You can even modify them if needed. The best part is that you can do all of this from anywhere in the world. In short, this unique system allows you to be in touch with your business 24×7 irrespective of where you might be around the globe

You will see why cloud collaboration is the right move for your business and its productivity rate.

  • Once you sign up with a collaboration vendor, you will find that the sites are user friendly, also you are the boss. This means you have complete control over every aspect of the site including who can access it and security settings.
  • You don’t need to resend the modified document meaning you don’t have to waste time redoing the document which has been changed by 6 different people. The reason is, all the changes happen in the original document itself.
  • You don’t have to worry about space anymore. One of the biggest advantages of cloud is its scalability.  So you just pay for the space you need &buy some more when the need occurs.
  • Customer service is top notch. You need any kind of support. You will get it and it’s not your average service either. Cloud collaboration service providers take their customer service very seriously (they have to be, else they won’t have any business period.)

Cloud collaboration is a trend which is here to stay. Cloud’s reach is beyond the official network now. Smart phones are a proof of that. But there are security concerns which are agreeable. Security is a major concern everywhere not just on the cloud. Cloud security is a work in progress, its developing and improving on a daily basis. The important thing to note is that cloud security along with device security protocols can ensure a solid and secure system.

Arguably, you should ask yourself one question, what is more risky, a document passed via email or a document on cloud accessible only by following layers of security protocol. Once you got the answer ask yourself this- why still I don’t have a piece of the cloud?


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