UPS Servicing Plans

All data centers understand the disaster that follows a downtime. And as a preventive measure, they are investing in high quality UPS which is equipped with many new features. But it is not just sufficient to have a quality UPS in place. Unlike some equipment in a data center, these devices need constant maintenance and monitoring. Do not be plagued by doubt; it truly is an expensive ordeal. So you not only have to select a quality UPS system, you also have to back it up with a service plan that best suits your data center.

Servicing, as you know, can extend the life of a good UPS system. It ensures that you do not have to spend foolishly on brand-new UPS systems every now and then especially when you can least afford it. Further, why would you want to spend regularly on new UPS models when you can extend the life of the existing UPS system with just a fraction of the cost?

This article assists you in deciding what the right service plan for your data center is. It gives you an insight on what you must insist on having in a UPS servicing plan. Read on.

Who will provide the services?

Most manufacturers also provide services. Are you planning to continue the service plans offered by the company or are you planning to take your business to a third party company that services UPS systems. The advantage with third-party companies is that they provide quality services for a much lesser price. It is a false understanding that only the company has deep understanding of the equipment. Of course, not all third party companies provide applaudable services. So, make sure you choose your service provider well.

What type of service do you need?

In some cases, the company asks you to ship the UPS when you report a disruption, which they repair, and then ship it back to you. In other cases, the company provides you with a temporary UPS model until your UPS is repaired and shipped back to you. Another instance of servicing is when the company deploys a service team to your location to fix the problem with the UPS.

Are you going with a service agreement, extended warranty or a pay-as-you-go scheme?

Service agreements cover annual maintenance charges, cover labour and replacement parts. Extended warranty only covers some parts and labour costs. It also does not come with 24×7 service guarantee and the response time is usually not amenable to the client. Pay-as-you-go-scheme is advisable only when you have an in-house maintenance team. This is ideal only to replace the parts that cannot be replaced by the in-house team.

What do you want the service plan to cover?

Do you want the service plan to cover labour and electronic parts? Do you want the service plan to cover labour and UPS battery parts? Or are you more interested in maintenance? Depending on what you want, you can choose your service plan.

Who can you contact for UPS servicing?

Try getting in touch with PTSDCS or ESDS.

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