Facility and Site Selections Guidelines for Data Center

While looking for Facility and site for Data center, some points should be kept in mind:

Locations Related Security Guidelines.

1. Avoid the following:

  • Iconic, trophy, historic, listed, or high-profile sites and/or locations near such sites.
  • Uncontrolled public facilities for vehicles (e.g., tunnels, parking areas, etc.) directly beneath or adjacent to the site.
  • Avoid politically unstable areas.

2. Seek the following:

  • Maximum setback from the street on all facades
  • Maximum physical separation from neighboring buildings
  • Convenient external assembly points
  • Close proximity to emergency services
  • Easy access to major roads or arteries

Facility-related security guidelines

Seek the following in conjunction with a proper facility risk
before signing a lease:

  • Sole building occupancy or sole floor occupancy at a minimum
  • Physical access-controlled building entrances and exits to include parking facilities
  • Structural designs that minimize the risk of progressive collapse in the event of an explosive incident
  • Buildings with appropriate blast mitigation measures
  • Effective acoustic isolation for internal offices/conference rooms next to non-company-controlled space
  • Provisions for proper visitor access and control
  • Elevated and physically secured HVAC air intakes
  • Fire detection/prevention and life safety systems that meet company standards as well as all applicable codes
  • Adequate emergency escape routes
  • Internal space with the potential for segregated mail sorting/distribution
  • Appropriate access controls for on-site parking and preferably not located beneath the building if a multi-tenant facility
  • Provisions for secure equipment storage

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