Server Hardware

Different Types of Server Hardware

Today there are many types of servers available from different companies such as IBM, Dell and HP. Some of them offer used and refurbished servers as well as brand new server hardware for sale.

Components of a Server

A server offers different functions than your regular PC. A server will have multiple multicore processors, much faster memory options and multiple hard drives which allow the server to have a higher capacity range.  In addition many servers will have specialty cards and additional features.

The basics of all server hardware are the same it is the look and the performance which makes each server stand apart. When looking at a new server take into consideration how much RAM the server has, the speed of the processor and the amount of available memory.

Small businesses can benefit by having their own server in place as this allows multiple users to access and store their files. Plus access can be restricted when necessary.

A good example for someone just starting out with minimal needs would be a server such as those available from Dell which has 250 GB Hard drive, 2 GB of Memory and an Intel E3-1220 Processor. At the other end of the spectrum is a server that has hardware as follows: 16 Hard drives, 288 GB of RAM and 2 Intel Xeon 5600 Processors.

Of course IBM is well known in this arena and has servers available in a magnitude of sizes. They can definitely outfit any business regardless of size.

As an example their Power Express Servers are available with 4, 6, or 8 processor cores, they have a memory capacity of anywhere in the range of 4 GB up to 128 GB. Their internal storage goes from 139 GB up to 4.8 TB.  These Power Express Servers have sockets that range from 1 socket up to 4 sockets.

Other manufacturers are competing against IBM and they include companies like Sun, Compaq and HP. In terms of performance IBM can outrank HP servers in performance alone by 50% and Sun by almost three times that on their older servers.

If you try to compare IBM’s 4 socket servers to other brands many of their Power7 sockets have no benchmark for comparison. The technology is so advanced plus the fact that 4 socket servers have more memory and more I/O bandwidth per core.

Sun server hardware is designed to run Oracle Linux, Oracle Solaris, Windows Server and other leading platforms with ease.  Sun holds the distinction of having the first 8 core processor ever available for general use.

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