Emerson Adds Data Center Cooling Management in 3D

Emerson Network Power has added 3D visualization capabilities for data center cooling management in the latest release of its DCIM software suite Trellis.

The new environmental monitoring and management module is called Thermal System Manager. It tracks the data center’s thermal profile to the device level, the company said.

3D visualizations of the environment are generated in real time, and users can pan and rotate the models to understand airflow and temperature profiles in order to fine-tune their data center cooling sytems.

Another major part of the update is integration with DSView management software, which enables remote access and inventory management simultaneously. Aimed at IT staff, the feature enables IP-based remote infrastructure management.
Other new features:

Performance and scalability enhancements specific to event processing, which address complex environments and growing needs in data centers of all sizes.
User interface improvements, including a user-friendly landing page and global header bar.
Enhancements to the Trellis power calculations, which reduce the risk of downtime due to power phase imbalances, and also reduce stranded capacity by balancing loads across all three phases.

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