New Products On The Market For Storage And Cloud Computing

There are a lot of developments in the storage community to beef up enterprise storage capabilities to serve the media and entertainment and other storage intensive applications. We will look here at some new product announcements by Quantum, DDN, EMC Isilon and Backblaze.

Quantum has been a leader in digital storage for media and entertainment applications. The new scalable Xcellis workflow storage solution supports real-time and non-real time media storage to support ingest, work in progress as well as content delivery and archive with its Lattus object storage, LTO tape and its cloud-based Q-cloud storage services. These functions are coordinated by the StorNext 5 asset workflow platform.

The Xcellis workflow director, software at the heart of this solution controls sharing privileges and provides connectively across many network types including Fibre Channel and IP for SMB, CIFS and NSF. The Quantum Distributed LAN Client (DLC) is also supported. By combining multiple storage connectivity this compact solution (4 RU) avoids separate islands of storage to support integrated access and processing of all types of assets regardless of interfaces or operating system.

Another provider of data center storage is Data Direct Networks (DDN). DDN has released its SFA14K and SFA14KE hybrid storage and hyperconverged storage platforms. DDN also offers software-only options to support application acceleration and its WOS object storage. Commodity storage using this software support can integrate with the scalable SFA14K high performance hardware to meet the needs of big data applications. DDN also announced its all-flash array that it dubs the Infinite Memory Engine.

The SFA14K platform provides storage tiering using NVMe SSDs and HDDs to provides a blistering 6 million IOPS and 60 GB/s data rates in a 4U package that can scale to almost 7 PB in a single rack. The SFA14KE includes embedded processors and software to run virtual machines as well as file systems and embedded applications. A Mellanox EDR 100 Gb/s InfiniBand interconnect provides backward and future application compatibility.

EMC’s Isilon scale-out NAS is being incorporated in the EMC Data Lake 2.0 strategy to move into enterprise edge computing and the cloud. The IsilonSD Edge software-defined storage product offers data management for remote office infrastructures. The next generation Isilon OneFS Operating System optimizes unstructured data storage while the EMC Isilon CloudPools extend this storage into public clouds.