Mangstor who is a provider of all flash storage solutions based on NVMe over fabrics, has announced a European distribution agreement with Kent, UK-based Diamond Point International.   With a strong track record in the enterprise class flash based solutions, DPI is selling Mangstor all flash storage solutions based on nonvolatile memory express) over fabrics, which offer up to 10X higher performance and 10X lower latency over traditional flash storage.

DPI chose to work with Mangstor due to its industry-disrupting flash storage that unlocks superior performance and low latency for large data volumes.  Mangstor’s software-based NVMe over fabrics technology allows applications to do more in less time. Mangstor delivers extremely high data bandwidth over networked solid state storage while maintaining the low latency and response time of internal PCIe SSDs.

The unique aspect of Mangstor’s product offering means channel partners’ long term recurring revenue stream is assured thanks to its differentiated product strategy, sales enablement tools and programs.  In addition, the Mangstor product set ensures strong storage margins and profitability via a software-based architecture that independently scales compute and storage.  In addition, fast deployment and simplified maintenance will reduce the time to value for customers and partners.

Explained Mangstor’s Bob Richards, director of EMEA, “Every company invests in people and applications that spend a lot of time searching for data or files. They’re essentially looking for tiny needles in many haystacks.  Mangstor’s breakthroughs in emerging NVMe over fabrics technology helps these businesses look for needles much faster.  Our channel partnerships will assure customers of a standard-based, open architecture that is easy to use, deploy and manage while delivering the highest levels of performance in the industry.”