There is announcement for the plans and about the search engines by yahoo to give investment for US$20 million so that they may increase the space given and for the datacentre used in Nebraska and in La Vista. The news has been told in the blog of any company by Mile Coleman who is the senior director of the datacentre operations.

Coleman said,  “Nebraska has been a great home for Yahoo since we first broke ground on our facility back in 2009. I’m pleased to share that we’re expanding our data center in La Vista, Nebraska, investing $20 million dollars to increase capacity to power Yahoo products and services for our users”

In the united state this facility is known widely by the yahoo. And this will also be expanded by about 20,000 sq ft and with the rooms of electric and chiller yard.  The expansion is expected to whole by the end of this time, bringing the total square footage at the La Vista facility to around 300,000 sq ft.

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