The opening of Helsinki 6 was announced by Telecity group that was capable of bringing the new datacenter storage in the Helsinki, Finland. This is known to be the fastest and the best growing emerging tech hubs that have been the part of the Telecity group for the expansion of capacity and all the programme that are crossways Europe.

“command for high-quality data centre’s continues to grow. We see that, as well as an increasing interest in cloud services usually, there is an outsourcing trend amongst large corporations headquartered in Finland.  The ease of use of connectivity options such as the Telecity Group Cloud-IX solution, a service which enables customers to access numerous cloud services, toolsets and solutions through a single, dedicated, secure association, is also an issue in driving data centre capacity demand” these lines were quoted by the general Manager of Telecity Group named as Sami Holopainen.

It was since 2012 when Finnish market was where it moved, Telecity Group is known to be the part that is established of that landscape of data centre and helps for ongoing the online customer capacity to help booming domestic and also the demands followed internationally for the data centre that are linked for the services in Finland. Helsinki that is known for the best technology is now known as the fastest growing hub for the digital companies that offer many beneficial services, including wireless telecommunications and also e-services and sectors for the system integration. This new technology that is in demand is sixth in Helsinki that is made out in phases that depends on the demand for customers for the data centre storage from Finland’s vibrant sector.

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