ProlimeHost Announces Price Cut On Dedicated Server Based Hosting

ProlimeHost, a hub of dedicated server based web hosting services, has announced a steep price discount to its already-inexpensive dedicated server rental customers. This step will transform Prolime into one of the most affordable dedicated server companies in the marketplace, with the company’s subscription services now costing a notch lower than most of the competitors offering services of comparable quality. The availability of their cheap dedicated servers could be implemented following a significant hardware overhaul carried out by the company.


Tom Beck, the technical officer from Prolime Hosting Solutions who led this effort, applauded his company staff for bringing this change about. Calling this a two-ended improvement highlighting price and customer experience, Beck said, “The upgraded hardware created an operating platform for our company that was present never before. My colleagues, who worked throughout the days and nights tirelessly, deserve full credit for transforming this dream of the company into a reality. The upgraded technology enables us to significantly cut down our operating expenses and also makes our servers more efficient in terms of their operating environment as well as strategic locations. After studying our competition, we realized that with passionate work, we are in a position to do better than them by investing this effort. We sincerely believe that the experience of our customers is going to improve significantly at the same time that their expenses to host sites on dedicated server platform is going to plummet.”

From a technical standpoint, the upgraded hardware will respond at least twice as fast compared to its predecessor. This is expected to reduce network queuing time and network switching costs. Furthermore, the new hardware has been placed in planned clusters in order to strike a better balance between online slots bandwidth demand and supply, keeping ease of hosting, support and maintenance factors into consideration. Implementing this complex plan proved to be the cutting-edge factor that provided the company the capability to support the price cut. This comes almost immediately after the same company announced a full integration of Linux Cpanel with their dedicated servers.


This move comes at a time when many other dedicated web hosting companies are looking forward to increase their subscription services, citing operating cost escalation as a reason. The stark contrast between the market price trend and the price-cut offered by Prolime Host, a rapidly growing dedicated server hosting company, has already started drawing eyeballs. Moving against the trend is unusual in the industry; however, this move is expected to increase Prolime’s market share and customer satisfaction by significant percentage numbers. The market analysts are eagerly looking forward to access the impact of this move, according to sources representing the company.


About Prolime Host

Prolimehost is a leading provider of Web-hosting solutions and services for global business. Across the globe, businesses depend on Prolimehost’s easy-to-use, advanced and dependable web hosting architecture, as well as responsive and well-informed customer service to power their online presence.


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