There has been the completion of the important expansion of the NAP by the Verizon Enterprise solutions of the region that is capital and that has been decided to locate in Culpeper that is situated in Virginia.
This datacenter that is made newly by Verizon gives 60,000 square. ft of leasable space and is considered as the biggest among all the four Culpeper campus
This new area is known to be the best thing of a footprint that is recognized globally for the 50 enterprise-class datacenters that are seen throughout America, Europe and the regions of Asia-pacific.
James Duncan who is the vice president of the global cloud sales and solutions for engineering Verizon enterprise solutions said, “The latest expansion at the NAP of the Capital Region is all about meeting customer requirements and Government agencies and enterprises alike continue to seek ways to streamline their IT operations by utilizing third-party datacentre providers. Demand for our datacentres continues to expand as clients realize that we can offer the security, reliability and flexibility needed to support the workloads that are critical to their operations.”
This NAP is supposed to be the purpose to be made Tier III federal datacenter that consist of many layers for providing facilities, networking, security and also power with HVAC. It is made for controlling the physical and environmental criteria’s made by the government.
It has been used since 2008, there has been progression for 60 acres by the NAP of the capital region and are the houses of the datacenters and it also include building for administration and for conferences. It has also made facilities for the shipping and for receiving services. There is also accommodation of 10 datacentre that is approximately near to one million sq ft for the space that is needed.

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