It has been reported that combined offer is made and shared for the secure cloud services by AT and T and IBM for the benefits of users who uses networks privately instead of having public clouds. This service will be produced next year and the main motive is at the large enterprises that will help to deploy clouds with great levels and also with services available and secured. Many companies said that it is considered as the key inhibitor to compute cloud adoption.
Many customers and users were using the IBM’s computing cloud resources with the help of AT and T’s networks privately. There is protection for the integrated security systems
For business this was the most important step that needs to be easy of the cloud and also it seek help to keep the cloud protected with all its application and with the data so that they can travel in between datacenters and with the wireless devices of computing that may include smartphones, tablets, computers and many such machine devices.
This will help the respective organization to keep the data safe with the applications with the datacenters in the private clouds and with the new services of cloud with virtual private networks around.
There is research made by the firm IDC, global sales for the computing of cloud services that will make this double from $40 billion from this year till $100 by the next year.
There are several other features for the customization options for the need of customers that contain many functions and also with the devices used for them with the customer’s virtual network that is private.
There is a combination with the services of AT and Ts virtual private networking along with IBM smart cloud enterprise. This new service is greatly used by the IBM Smart cloud Enterprise’s broad spectrum for the secured and managed services and can run properly with the private cloud models.
“Yet another way to innovate, create new value, and transform their businesses and industries.” This is said by Andy Geisse who is the chief executive of AT and T business solutions that the company gave along with services.
The senior vice president of the IBM Global Technology Services named as Erich Clemnti said, “As more organizations realize that cloud can be secure, easily managed, and a key part of their business strategy, cloud will quickly evolve as a tool for innovation rather than just for infrastructure,”

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