Data center budgeting tips

Making a suitable budget for a data center, server and computer room upgrade requires a lot of knowledge and understanding on the related facility as well as mechanical, electrical and engineering costs. Not only that, you have to understand the costs of commissioning and construction. It takes time to understand how much budget you need to measure for a fully completed data center. So experts and IT managers discuss all the matters before making a full budget of the data center.

You can’t just rely on the decision of the facility or construction managers thoughts. Because data center is not just a common facility. It includes a lot of IT equipments that requires in the facility. These terms can be fully understood by the IT managers. Construction managers and IT managers should co operate in this whole budgeting process. Usually, managers analyze the whole process for quite a while and keep in observation for several years during the data center opening.

In order to make a perfect data center budgeting, there are two kinds of key areas that you need to know.

  1. Technology Infrastructure or IT
  2. Support Infrastructure or the facility.

As you are making the budget, you have to identify all the facts of these two areas; the needs and the costs of each and every equipment as well as building process costs.

Here are the main criteria that you need to remember while building a data center budget.

  1. Availability requirement
  2. Cooling and power density
  3. Business objective
  4. Technology services
  5. Support services.

Besides all of these terms, you have to understand the base building design and its cost. Site selection is very important because the different sites have different types of advantages, disadvantages and costs. For example, if you are building a data center where cooling is really hard or power consuming then you have to pump up your budget from the regular once. Or sometimes you may have selected a nice dry place where cooling is easy. So you can see that site selection may seem to be in another planning section of a data center but it really has some impact on budgeting.

If you want to explore more information about budgeting then you can gather data on other data centers. You can analyze their budgeting and see what matches your expectation. Survey is another option to understand budgeting. Take information and survey from similar data centers as yours and you can get a lot of valuable tips. There are lots of companies out there who can take the whole budgeting process under their hoods and give you the suitable budget for your data center. You can skip all the hustle and complications in this way. But if you have proper knowledge then you should do it by yourself along with the IT and site managers.

Calculating a perfect budget for your data center is very crucial for the organization. Errors in the budget cause stoppage of construction work and it will delay the opening of your data center.

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