Epsilon partners with AWS to offer faster cloud access

Communications service provider Epsilon has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network to serve the needs of enterprise cloud services. According to the company its Cloud Link eXchange (CloudLX) platform delivers on demand infrastructure to connect customers directly to AWS Direct Connect in Europe, Asia and the US.
Epsilon says its CloudLX is a fully automated platform that accelerates planning and procurement while simplifying network management. Customers benefit from a suite of cloud enablement solutions including on demand infrastructure, network analytics and monitoring, as well as connectivity to other leading cloud service providers.
“Building our relationship with AWS is a critical step in the development of the CloudLX platform,” said Jerzy Szlosarek, the chief operating officer at Epsilon in a statement. “We are building new relationships so that we can give our customers friction-free access to the cloud with scalable, flexible, and transparent network infrastructure around the world.”
Epsilon has been busy rolling out new fiber infrastructure in Singapore to strengthen its local reach for its cloud and communication service provider customers in the Asia Pacific. The company currently offers 100G dark fiber connectivity in Singapore based on a ring typology with full street and building entry diversity.
In September last year, Epsilon added Digital Realty, Equinix SG2 and SG3 data centers, as well as the Keppel DigiHub and 1-Net data centers to its network. Epsilon already connects Global Switch, Equinix SG1 and Racks Central facilities at that point in time.

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