It has been planned to gather at the Broad Groups industry event by all the leaders of industries for the

purpose to debate on the Nordic data centre and for the cloud industry on date 15th October 2015 and

the venue decided is in Oslo that is located in Norway. This congress possesses the scalability, security,

architecture, energy and all the challenges that will be helpful and are related to software that confront

datacenters and the way prominently the transition to the clouds can be managed.

This debate may include many guests to debate on the relevant issue. It is known to be for one day

event that includes different speakers namely Gisle M. Eckhoff, who is the CEO of DigiPlex, other guest

includes Mortoen Christiansen who is the deputy managing director of Coromatic, also the guest list

includes Anne Graff, who is chiefly posted at the Node pole as the director of Investment and

Development, other visitor named Kai Roer, who is the head at Cloud Security Alliance, Norway and

Steve Wallage famous for the post of managing administrator Broad Group Consulting.

It has been quoted by the managing director of the broad group named Philip Low that the event to

debate is interesting and is attractive in its own way to accompany many different challenges that

consist of cloud environment and along with this it may also include some international investors to visit

and distinguish the recovery and the grow the other beneficial opportunities that go across five keys

For the last 2 or 3 years, the Nordic region is growing rapidly. The lure at the start are of great power but

are cheap as well but are useful too. This information was added by the Steve Wallage in the debate

session who is the managing director at the Broad Group consulting. He also informed about the rapid

progress that have been made for the development of innovative and several solutions.

Wallage also continued that the challenge seen for this is trying to produce more useful solutions and

accurate results that meet specific market vertically. The Nordic area is also used for different trends

that may vary accordingly. This also made easy to understand the final cost of the ownership provided.

This was also added by Wallage that the region is involved thinking about the data center location more

For getting help for the potential customers, partners and investors, Data cloud Nordic showed great

response and are sharing common benefit for the promotion of Nordics. This information was added by

the CEO if DigiPlex Gisle M. Eckhoff.

In the data centre where there is target at the executives of high post, different cloud and hosting

companies, enterprise end customers, several investors, providers who are involved in infrastructure

and several technology, for them a high quality programme will be set by the Nordic data cloud that may

also includes different sessions, workshops and demonstration of attractive products that produce

complete information and also produce solution, innovations and useful trends.