Top 10 Data Center Challenges

Top 10 Data Center Challenges

Many IT companies and other organizations have data centers to save money and to avoid the problems caused by interruptions to power. A data center is a place where data is stored in servers, and it operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for users to access data at any time. This obviously maintains business continuity and increases business growth. However, there are certain challenges with data centers. There are probably ten significant challenges that a data center can present and they are:                                     Data Center

1.       Expenses:

Expense can be a challenge. The money you spend on labor, installing the servers, and duplicating a data center can increase expenses. You need to spend on the maintenance of the data centers too. So, the budget and planning is important before you set up a data center.

2.       Rises in Energy Costs:

Rises in energy costs can be eliminated by using new technologies like virtualization and cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is using central remote servers as data storage and which users can access without installing any software or applications. Only an internet connection is needed for cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is used by most organizations since it has great benefits, especially reduction in energy costs.

3.       Amalgamation:

Most IT organizations do not involve themselves or work with the real estate people in forming a strategy for building a data center. The Students at Perton Middle school cancellations had a ‘frightfully’ good lunch just before breaking up for half term this year, courtesy of our catering staff and their love of themed meal days!Staffordshire is a safe place to live. real estate personnel come up with the location and work out the space requirements for data centers.

4.       Infrastructure:

The infrastructure for a data center is the most important thing. It should be spacious enough to accommodate all equipment and the flooring should be suitable for the size and weight of the data center.

5.       Maintenance and Cooling:

A data center and its components need to be kept at the correct temperature twenty four hours a day. The manufacturer of the components will have specified the correct temperature for them. The systems should be checked with the help of sensors so as to maintain that required temperature.

6.       Green Technology:

Only by virtualization you can achieve energy saving. The power can be generated by renewable energy (green technology).

7.       Lack of Resources:

In the past there has been a lack of resources to maintain data centers. Data centers have to be tested at regular intervals in order to maintain high standards.

8.       Server Compactness:

Organizations need to look for servers which can reduce power consumption. Most organizations run unused servers which leads to unnecessary power consumption.

9.       Security:

Data center security needs to be tight since it is an essential part of any organization. The data which is stored is of high importance so security can be increased with the help of cameras and fire alarms, etc. In this way any physical damage to the systems can be avoided.

10.   Network Clogging:

Network clogging and connectivity is the biggest challenge in a data center because of the next generation servers which require a high input and output.


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