Comparison: Online Backup vs. Cloud Storage

Online Backup vs. Cloud Storage   

    Before cloud computing service came into picture, online backup services had been serving customers. Online backup was provided by many companies like Carbonite, Mozy, Comodo, McAfee and Symantec. General methodology in online backup service allowed customers to backup and restore files from anywhere. Online backup is nothing but a remote, managed or online backup service that provides users with a system for backing up and storing computer files. Before comparing online backup and cloud computing let us know more about each of the storing methods.

“Online backup is basically a method of storing data like documents, folders and sometimes even the hard drive contents on a remote server or a computer network.” Backing up data in a remote hard drive reduces the risk of data loss, theft, fire, corrupt and other natural disasters. Companies can easily restore any lost file from the remote location using any PC and high speed internet connection.  Many small and medium sized organizations prefer to backup their data on a removable storage media like DVD or CD or thumb drives or tapes, sometimes

they might think of storing data onto an external hard drive.

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Cloud storage is a model of online storage where big data are stored in a pool of servers. These servers are generally maintained by third parties. Hosting companies usually operate large data centers, customers who are in need of cloud storage can lease the storage based on their requirements. Cloud storage services are

usually accessed through a web service API (Application Programming Interface) or a web based UI (User Interface) or through a cloud storage gateway.

One of the general rule between online backup and cloud computing is an online backup service allows customers to backup and restore files. Hard drive size varies from hundreds of gigabytes to one terabyte, using this storage method we will be back only a small portion of your system. Many online backup companies keep a copy of My Documents and other selected folder instead of entire hard drive. Cloud storage is different; these services take a portion of your hard drive space and synchronize it with online storage. Whenever you make any changes in the file they are quickly replicated to the cloud storage.  SugarSync is one of the services providers which offer both classic backup and file synch support.

Some of the cloud storage companies have claimed that non prescription cialis they will be providing unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space, but none of them is true. For large data backups companies have allotted reasonable space, once customers have reached this limit his backup speed will noticeably reduce. The main question that a customer should ask before investing in any of the services is whether online backup of more than storage100 GB is really worth of investing. If your data backup capacity is less than 100 GB then it is recommended to use any online backup services like dropbox, Google drive, Microsoft Skydrive and many more available services. Smart users knows when things get worst and make sure to get the best kind of backup service which is best suited for them and their organizations.

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