Why Is Data Center Thermal Management Important

With the large amounts of data every company has to store, it is essential for them to keep their data safe and within reach. The problem with great amounts of data is the fact that not all the data is equally important; some data is more frequently used than other data, for example. What happens is that data that is not needed for a long period of time easily gets lost, and when it is needed again, it is impossible to track it down. Therefore, it can be  seen why company owners had no other option but to find an efficient solution when it comes to keeping their precious data safe. In that respect, data centers have become widespread, as they have proven to be an excellent method for storing data and keeping it safe.     data center thermal


First off, it needs to be said that data centers are facilities commonly referred to as computer rooms, where a company keeps all of their computer equipment. Here is where all the storage and security devices are located, which is why there are certain rules in regard to maintaining data centers properly. One of the most important rules to follow regarding data centers is data center cooling.

Data Center Cooling

Data centers need to maintain a certain temperature in order for all the devices in them to be safe. Since the servers in the data center have to function round the clock, they draw a lot of power for their operation. This leads to heating up of the systems and the temperature of the systems have to be regulated constantly. This is best done by using air conditioning, as by doing so it is possible to control the temperature and humidity of the air in the room. Humidity control is important to ensure that water does not condense on internal circuits during high humidity conditions and does not lead to static discharge in low humidity conditions.


According to regulations, the temperature in a data center should not exceed 24 °C (75°F) and it should be kept above 16°C (61°F), which is why data center cooling is extremely important. Temperatures in data centers can easily rise, and this can cause damage to devices that are located there. Therefore, the issue of data center cooling should not be neglected, as this will help data centers run properly, and more importantly, without any malfunctions.

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