SevOne Develops a New Performance Management Tool to Monitor Data Network Growth

                SevOne is one of the industry’s fastest and most comprehensive real-time monitoring, performance reporting and troubleshooting solution providers.  SevOne is trusted by many top cable network companies, managed service providers, wireless networks and financial services. SevOne is one of the fastest 500 growing private companies.

                SevOne on of the leaders in IT performance have released a new application. This new application mainly targets large enterprises facing data center space optimization, big data challenges and massive network growth. This network management tool is 4X larger than any other network performance management tool. The new SavOne application is capable of delivering greater scalability and capability. SevOne has launched a mobile application which allows network administrators and CIOs to get a real-time update about their network from one to many data centers. This new application is already available in I-phone and Android app stores.

                Managing Director of Telonic, Andreas Schlechter said, “SevOne”s new appliance offers the greatest scalability on the market today, and only uses a single appliance. The single install of a SevOne appliance saves on consumption of data storage space and energy, by reducing the hardware platform footprint and implementation time. And the mobile app provides an elegant way to proactively receive critical IT information anytime, anywhere.”

                CEO of SevOne Mike Phelan said, “With SevOne”s unique Cluster Technology, organizations could already scale to accommodate an infinite number of elements. Now they can do the same with fewer physical or virtual appliances. Historically, IT performance management

products require the administrator to sit in front of the computer and run reports all day. SevOne is giving administrators precious time back in their day, by notifying them only when anomalies and deviations from normal behavior occur, and sending these alerts directly to their mobile devices.”

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