Dell Acquires Credant Technologies

IT industry giants Dell have reached an agreement to acquire Credant Technologies. Credant Technologies is one of the leading providers of data protection solutions, secure data from servers to endpoint ,

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store the cloud and manage. Credant Technologies is one of the companies that support multiple mobile operating systems, this feature allows companies to embrace BYOD movement. This acquisition will improve Dell’s security portfolio and also enhances full range of security solutions and also improves the computing solutions and make them more secured, manageable and reliable.

Credant Technologies offer security management at a lower cost, flexible data protection, provisioning and easy deployment, high level security protection and lower cost of PC life cycle maintenance. Credant Technologies is headquartered in Addison, Texas. Credant Technologies protects and encrypts customers’ business data stored on mobile devices, public clouds and PCs. President of End User Computing Solutions at Dell Jeff Clarke said, in today’s work environment data is always in-flight – from work being done on a local PC, being sent via email, stored on a USB drive and saved in the cloud. Each one of those experiences represents a potential security risk. As a result, businesses

need a data protection strategy that is comprehensive, flexible and easy to deploy. The Credant assets will complement and extend current Dell device security features to make Dell Latitude, OptiPlex and Precision PCs some of the world’s most secure. And when combined with the change in computing behaviors and data in-flight, Dell can now offer a differentiated security proposition based on its own Intellectual Property.

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