ChinaNetCenter Signs with Equinix

               ChinaNetCenter is a leading internet service provider.  ChinaNetCenter was found in 2000 and headquartered in Shanghai, China. ChinaNetCenter provides content distribution, server rental, server hosting, content acceleration and internet business platform solutions. ChinaNetCenter is the first to carry our IDC and CDN vendors.

               ChinaNetCenter has signed with Equinix to expand its services across United States. ChinaNetCenter has deployed CDN (Content Delivery network) in Equinix’s LA IBX (international Business Exchange) data center. ChinaNetCenter customers span various organizations with different requirements. Equinix data centers offers services to both public and private networks and currently serves more than 900 networks. ChinaNetCenter will receive greater flexibility and choice from Equinix.  ChinaNetCenter serves more than 2, 000 customers including XTE, Baidu, Huawei and Audi. ChinaNetCenter has supported number of major events including World Cup, 2008 Olympic Games, 2010 Shanghai Expo and 2011 English Premier League.

               Vice president of ChinaNetCenter David Liu said, “To remain a CDN and IDC leader in China, it’s critical for ChinaNetCenter to utilize high-quality data center resources so that we can better serve our customers worldwide. By choosing to work with Equinix, we now have the agility

we need to meet growing customer demands. Equinix provides consistent, reliable and extensible service to us, which is fundamental to our business development.”

               General Manager of Global Networks and Mobility at Equinix Jim Poole said, “ChinaNetCenter is a classic example of a company that is fully leveraging the global marketplace inside Platform Equinix to unlock new revenue streams. By positioning itself in key network traffic hubs and population centers, the company can host applications close to end users, helping improve the performance of its CDN and IDC services anywhere in the world.”

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