Macquarie Telecom Plans to Build Data Center in Canberra

                Macquarie Telecom is Australia’s number one managed hosting telecommunication company, founded in 1992. Macquarie Telecom is partnered and supporting some of Australia’s well known organizations. Macquarie Telecom provides managed public-private clouds, managed co-location and managed servers for mid-sized IT organizations. Macquarie Telecom provides a full line (data, voice and mobile) services with hosting services. Macquarie Telecom offers world class customer services which are managed by MacquarieHUB.

                Macquarie Telecom announced its plan to build IC4 (Intellicenter 4) bunker data center in Canberra for government internet hosting and gateways. Macquarie Telecom has plans to

invest approximately around AU $14 to support Government’s LAG (Lead Agency Gateway) program. This plan aims to improve government’s cyber-security and also reduces the number of gateways used by government.

                Glen Noble Macquarie Telecom’s Government & Security Executive said, “Recent developments like the Australian Government’s Internet Gateway Reduction Program highlight the rapid growth in public-sector demand for secure and resilient hosted services. Macquarie Telecom’s reputation for world-class data and network hosting services puts it in good stead to meet this growing demand, as already evidenced by our recent opening of Intellicentre 2 (IC2) in Macquarie Park in Sydney.”

                Macquarie Telecom has plans to develop managed secure data center in Canberra with better networking and security technology and aims to exceed Defense Signal Directorate, ASIO and ISO standards. This facility will be up and running in mid 2013.

                Mr. Noble added, “Being based in Canberra, the Intellicentre 4 Bunker marks Macquarie Telecom’s dedicated investment in secure hosting for government, one which reaffirms our commitment to be the trusted provider connecting the public sector in Australia to the World Wide Web. We see growth in ICT investments for government as a core opportunity for Macquarie Telecom to build on its longstanding reputation for delivering hosted environments which meet rigorous public-sector standards for security and reliability, as well as increasing concerns around user privacy and data sovereignty.”

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