Advantages of Using a Green Data Center

 There are millions of servers running worldwide on a daily basis. Often these are being enhanced and managed, but they are not always used. It is approximated that these unused servers cost billions every year.  This will always be a major waste of money, as well as a waste of precious energy.

Green data centers have recognized these wastes and worked to repair them. Many MNC’s are now more eco-conscious and are contemplating what green data centers can offer. Here are a few common advantages associated with green data center use

1.       Turning Off Unused or Dead Servers

When a company partners with a data center, it provides a specified amount of storage it requires. From there, the data center will allocate required space and also additionally provide extra space for expansion. But this creates dead server space. It is estimated that up to a fifth of all servers are sitting idle. These hardware pieces will always consume power and other resources, increasing the costs incurred by both the data center as well as the customer. Green data centers turn off these dead servers. The energy consumption is lowered, and thus, costs, which results in lower customer fees.

2.       Virtualization

Most companies presume that they need one server for each piece of software. This is not true. Green data centers utilize what is referred to as virtualization. The software management system places multiple pieces of software on the same server. So this reduces the costs to a great extent.

3.       Delaying Capital Expenditures

One among the main reasons data centers cost so much is that the data center has expenditures for power use estimates. Green data centers completely remove this excess

spending by using power on demand. Constant monitoring and analysis allows green data centers to only use the amount of power they need. The unused power is used for other applications.

4.       Storage Consolidation:

By performing consolidation in data centers can result in gaining more efficiency and helps to move one step closer to become Green data centers. To know more about consolidation in data centers follow the link given below

5.       Installing Best Network canadian online pharmacy Monitoring Tool

Installing best network monitoring tool will ensure less downtime and less resource wastage. These tools will also help data center managers to remove defected hardware which might consume more power than normal ones. In current industry you can find many network monitoring tools, select any one of the tool which suits your business and more even more closer in becoming Green data center.

Along with all these steps, data center managers should ensure to implement alternative methods of cooling data centers, power

resource and other necessary steps in order to gain Green Gold LEED (leadership in Energy and Environment design) certification from USGBC (U.S Green Building Council).

Green data centers will have higher fees to start, but in the long-term, they are more efficient and always cost effective.

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