Data centers require some mission-critical support systems to maintain the redundancy and reliability of operations. Reliability and accountability are the two main buzz words for any data center. For the efficient maintenance of these two operatives several factors need to be given more prominence. Apart from the computing and installation considerations, most important is the design of the data center layout. Most of the energy supplied to the data centers are used by the power and cooling sectors. Internet connections, continuously operating air conditioning systems, back-up power systems, and high security systems cause considerable energy requirements in data centers. Reduction in the usage of power or nullifying the effects of wastage of energy is on the top list of priorities for any data center managing firms. Considering the recent controversy of data center contribution to energy wastage, and the scrutiny of all data centers for the above reason, it has created a stir in the data center industry. Data centers are vying hard to be in the top of the Green Data Center hit list. Natural lighting- an effort to reduce carbon footprint Natural lighting in data centers plays a major role in addressing the environmental sustainability. This effort also reduces overhead operating costs. The main aim of deploying such measures is to reduce the environmental footprint while managing facilities, and ensuring the right usage of the natural resources. Sunlight can be of immense

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use when it comes to the lighting of data centers. All that is needed is good ventilation to the room. The right design of the room keeping in mind the harvesting of natural resources does the job. Data centers run at full capacity during the daytime. It would not be feasible to use artificial lights for very long hours. This would in turn raise the costs of operation and maintenance. When there is sufficient sunlight available, it definitely makes sense to harness this resource. During the night, since, sunlight is not available, a little bit of effort can solve even this crisis. There are a few unique equipments available which can resolve the crunch of lighting, if not the entire power crisis. Environment friendly lighting systems

  • Installation of photovoltaic cells which convert light into electrical energy is a fantastic idea to light up the center.
  • Solar panels effectively harness solar energy; they can be used for lighting purposes or heating purposes.
  • Solar panels cater to a large percentage of hot-water needs, and power requirements. Over time panels will reduce the data center’s carbon emissions.
  • It can also be used as an alternative to non-renewable fuels for standby generators.
  • Using efficient LED systems and lighting controls can considerably save energy.
  • LED lighting is effective because of its low heat output.
  • Low temperature LED lighting has the ability to reduce HVAC loads. HVAC is the largest electrical load on a data center.
  • Fluorescent lighting is another alternative
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    save-energy system which can be used for lighting and cool running air conditioning systems.

  • Natural lighting has been proved to reduce stress and improve mood. Hence contributing to the performance of the workforce in the data center.
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