ELX proclaimed that its new LightPulse 16Gb Fibre Channel (16GFC) Host Bus Adapter (HBA) technology is now accessible for use with EMC storage arrays through the EMC Select program. Designed for the next generation of high-density cloud, virtualization and business critical applications, the new Emulex 16GFC LPe16000-E and LPe16002-E adapters are perfectly positioned. It helps customers to begin investing in new server and storage infrastructure to meet these data centre demands. “Larger and faster

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databases, solid state disk, and next-generation servers are some of the I/O intensive technologies accelerating the need for 16GFC,” said Shaun Walsh, senior vice president of marketing and business development at Emulex. “We offer the highest-performing adapters on the market today, as evidenced by a recent ESG Lab[] report that revealed that our 16GFC adapters drive more than five times the IOPS than its 8GFC predecessor, and 75 per cent less latency. This level of performance and speed enables customers to take advantage of the technology that tackles the ever-increasing growth of data.”

“Fibre Channel is still the primary storage technology used to support virtualized server environments for many of our customers,” said Deirdre Wassell, director, EMC Solutions Marketing. “Emulex 16GFC technology fits our customers’ needs with high-performance and reduced latency without having to replace their existing SANs, which is even more compelling in an era where reducing costs remains a high priority.” Additional key features and benefits of the new Emulex 16GFC adapters include increasing VM Densities, Simplified and Time-Saving I/O Management, and Reduced Data Centre CAPEX and OPEX. Data Center Talk updates its resources everyday. Visit us to know of the latest technology and standards from the data center world. Please leave your views and comments on DCT Forum


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