Involta announces plans to expand its data center to Duluth, Minnesota. Reports say that this 20,000 square foot data center is a very ambitious venture of Involta. The local agencies have worked on the design, but the design of the construction is still underway.

This data center boasts of thick concrete walls, security cameras, cooling requirements just to make sure that the operations function smoothly. It is also equipped with some of the high end disaster proof features.

Involta chose Duluth because it is not prone to disasters very often as the other cities. It is free from the natural calamities, and mainly terrorism. It is not congested like the other big cities. This area is also safely away from the Duluth International Airport. The power lines have been safely installed underground. Duluth also survived the 10-inch June rainfall. All these factors has made Duluth a sought after site for a collocation data center.

“We build, manage and maintain the centers,” said center manager Lucas Mistelske, noting that Involta has built its own fiber network in Duluth achieve this. “We’re in the business of hosting.”

It is one of the rapidly developing data centers in the Northland from one of the companies which provides secure data storage to healthcare organizations, educational institutions, and commercial businesses.

As their IT functions grow, more companies are outsourcing their data storage, said Involta CEO Bruce Lehrman.

“At a point in their growth, companies look at what they can build or lease and for how much,” he explained. “Most come to the conclusion it’s better to outsource their data center operations.”

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