ASX results emphasize importance of new tech services

The Australian Securities Exchange’s enhancements to its algo trading functions and the
building out of new data center space helped offset declines in revenue for some business units
suffering as a result of the Eurocrisis, the exchange said today.

ASX managing director and CEO Elmer Funke Kupper said while the ASX has seen a revenue
decline in the second half of the year – by 5.1% – its Technical Services, which provides liquidity
access, community and connectivity, data center hosting and application services, was up

“In the second half, revenue fell by 5.1% and underlying earnings declined by 8.6%, as both
retail and institutional investors reduced their risk appetite and activity levels,” Funke Kupper

At the time of the announcement, the ASX hosted 59 clients in its new data center, which now
offers the market a raft of low latency data products and services to clients and other market

The ASX opened its new data center colocation center in Sydney in February this year. The data
center hosts its own ASX infrastructure and provides colocation space beside its own trading
engines for high-speed trading.

It invested AU$32m in the 10,800 sq ft facility but is now leasing out two floors of its three level
data center to a Singapore business.

The ASX is currently carrying out development and consultation on an equities low-latency
order entry service and its global distribution through the Asian SGX hub, and has plans to
undertake similar expansion efforts in future. It is also working on a low-latency data service
covering futures.

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