Telect’s New C degree Flow Manages Data Center Rack Temperature Effectively

The industry is raving about an efficient energy management tool aptly called the Telect’s new C degree Flow. This tool is an innovative capital saving solution for managing data center rack temperatures, thereby increasing efficiency.

“The C degree Flow™ strip is a simple solution to the complex problem of data center cooling,” says Paul Knight, Vice President of Product Development. “We invented the plastic with data center best practices in mind. Not only can inlet temperatures of racks be seen, but temperatures across a rack can be increased by knowing where the cold air is going. Ultimately, increasing hot aisle temperatures results in increased cooling efficiencies and greater equipment capacities.”

This tool enables the technical personnel to easily evaluate the data center temperatures and quickly provide solution in case of inconsistencies.

Stephen Baker, Telect’s Communications and Brand Manager, adds, “The C degree Flow™ strip is indicative of Telect’s mission to simplify networks. The strip is simple to install and simple to use.”

Telect headquarters is located in Liberty Lake, Washington. It connects clients and businesses and provides them with unique copper, enclosures, fiber, power, racks, and services Telect believes in delivering focused and strategic plans to simplify networks and network components giving the clients the best service experience in the industry.

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