Advisory Report for the Telecommunication Industry Examines the Data Center Market


Current Analysis, a leading tactical competitive intelligence for the telecommunication industry recently announced that they are releasing their advisory report on data center and cloud services market for the second quarter of 2012.


This report will evaluate the current data center trends and also the cloud service sector and how these services are becoming flexible towards offering services to its clients. The report will also talk about the challenges that this sector faces in terms of changing market dynamics.


Advances in virtualization technology have helped optimize the data center operations radically. Optimization efforts through projects such as server consolidation that reduce data center footprints and support increased energy efficiency. Virtualization also offers a basic platform for cloud computing and has made it available to various SMEs and enterprises


“Streamlining data center operations is not a new concept, but with the advent of cloud computing, virtualization and the myriad of security issues, timely, new intelligence is invaluable to organizations,” commented Tim Dowd, CEO of Current Analysis. “Current Analysis will continuously analyze the changing marketplace and provide guidance on where and how companies should focus their efforts.”


In this Advisory Report, Amy DeCarlo, Principal Analyst for Security and Data Center Services, features solutions from a number of providers, including Amazon Web Services, AT&T, BT Global Services, CSC, HP, IBM, Rackspace, Savvis, T-Systems, and Terremark.


Ms. DeCarlo stated, “IBM Global Services earns its leadership status by demonstrating consistent strength across a range of functional areas in the data center, including both physical and virtual server hosting, on-demand computing, and managed application services. The provider reinforces the stability of its solutions with a resilient data center infrastructure and the security protections to reassure some of the world’s most exacting customers.”


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