Data Center Safety Protocols

A data center is a complex system. It is highly crucial to maintain top-notch standards in every section of the data center. Safety is always an issue in data centers. Data in there needs to be secured at all times.  This is the primary reason a lot of attention is given to the performance of the data center in terms of their security detail. But the most critical point which promises a smooth operation of a data system can also cause safety issues and create a dangerous work environment.

Essentially, data safety is given a top priority in the data center, so much so that sometimes the safety of the personnals is overlooked. In order to have a safe and secure working environment in the data center, certain practices and protocols are enforced and instituted.

Allow me to give you an idea about these practices and protocols which will help you draw a clear picture about the standards maintained in a fully functional data center.

Safety Standards

  • Data centers maintain high level security in all their operational areas. Even the client is not allowed to go in the server rooms. Passwords are changed everyday and most of the areas are closed for all personnel unless they have the necessary clearance.
  • All the computer cabinets and doors are kept close unless they are being serviced.
  • Since the server rooms have raised floors to keep the floor clutter free and to optimize the cooling systems, no one can remove those floor panels without the approval from the data center manager.
  • In case of electrical servicing   requirements, every single modification is approved by the Data Center & Facilities Management (DCFM).  These works are also required to be in compliance with the National Electrical Code (NEC) and should follow the guidelines of TIA-942.
  •  The safety of the people working in the data center is also given importance with regular drills and information tutorials. These help prepare staff for any disaster that might occur while at work.

Cooling Standards

  • Server rooms get heated up quickly because of the constant supply of electrical power. Hence, they need to be maintained at a specific temperature to ensure a smooth running establishment. There are specific guidelines regarding the temperature range (16–24 °C) and humidity levels (40–55%). These are monitored constantly; if anything falls out of line, the components will get damaged.
  • All the cooling equipments are cleaned and serviced regularly, including replacement the system if the need appears. The maintenance staff also performs preventive services with the frequency dependant on the site of the data center.

Decommissioning techniques:

All the rejected and discarded IT equipments are removed from the data center while maintaining proper protocols by individual departments. Protocols say that the entire procedure needs to be finished under 60days.

Documentation of every event:

Regular documentation is done to assess the situations and problems in the data center at any particular time. Not only this, all the equipments are painstakingly labelled to provide information about it.

Even after removal of decommissioned equipments and accessories, a detailed report is maintained and is updated by the DCFM.

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