Microsoft’s System Center to Simplify Private Cloud Deployment

With the unveiling of System Center 2012 offering by Microsoft, companies looking to deploy private clouds are looking at a way out of the complexity involved in setting up systems and managing apps across different platforms.

As more data centers are now transforming to provide IT as a service, more complexities are coming into effect as this requires a more app-centric approach in the management.

private clouds   “IT heads and CIOs are no longer just required to provide infrastructure planning, but face “big pressure” to deliver apps in a timely fashion as well”, said Antoine Aguado, senior director of private cloud and server at Microsoft Asia-Pacific. “Companies can now have seamless management of their apps across various cloud 920-192 operating environments, whether it is public, private or hybrid”

Aguado believes that System Center 2012 will help make the management of apps faster and more economical. It incorporates eight separate component products into one, reducing the time it takes to deploy from days down to hours. The users can choose between a Standard edition and a Data LOT-950 Center edition depending on their virtualization requirements.

The Data Center edition permits the addition of unlimited virtual machines without additional licensing costs. This is to address the concern that private clouds are growing with every project and companies are worried about being constrained by cost issues if they chose to expand the cloud.

The commercial release of System Center will be available in the market by mid- 2012.

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