Data Center Equipments Recycling

So it’s that time of the year again. You are cleaning out your data center; you are getting rid of old and obsolete IT equipments and replacing them with younger, fitter and more efficient looking ones. But you have so much history together that there is some nostalgic memories playing in your mind. You don’t really want your equipments to be thrown in a dump like junk; they, after all, served you well and long.  The least you could do is give them a proper burial.

Guess what, you can. You can get experts to buy your IT equipments from you for a depreciated value and they dismantle it to its core constituents and reuse the usable components and dispose of the rest properly. As it turns out, this is not only necessary from a nostalgic point of view but it is also illegal to dump junk!

equipmentsSome companies are specialised in dismantling, removing, de-installing, recovering and recycling IT equipments. In case you are disposing storage equipments, they also backup data to another location and wipe away the data on the device in a secure manner. The constituents are broken down by elements and care is taken to dispose of each component according to the environmental rules and regulations.

Some of the companies that can make your life less traumatic during your IT equipment disposal are listed below. Contact them for more details.


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