Data Storage and Memory are Two Different Terms

Data Center Management

There are many things you will need to differentiate between and familiarize yourself with when talking about data centers and about data center management in general. Namely, when it comes to data center management, you will have to know everything there is about data centers in order to bring your data center management to the highest level possible. This includes being familiar with ways in which your data center works, ways in which you can improve your data center, and many other things. You will also have to understand the difference between data storage and memory.

Even though many people fail to see the difference between data storage and memory, the fact is that they are two distinct terms.Although both of these are basically systems which any computer uses to process and save data, and both of them are referred to in bytes, the difference between these two terms is substantial and very important to understand.

Data Storage vs Memory

On one hand, you have data storage, which is basically the memory capacity of any computer; also referred to as hard drive space. On the other hand, memory is either random access memory on any computer, or read-only memory. The data stored on your hard drive will be there even after you have turned the computer off, while the data stored in random access memory will disappear as soon as the computer is turned off, i.e the data is volatile. Therefore, if you are, for instance, using the computer to type some text, this text is saved only in random access memory while you are typing it. In order to permanently save it on your computer, you must save it to data storage, meaning on your hard drive.

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