Marist’s Institute for Data Center Professionals

This online training center was founded in 2004 with backing from the National Science Foundation.  They offer six data center certification programs which are taught by professionals.These currently are:

Systems and Software Certificates

There are two basic courses as well as the pre-requisite course Information and System Concepts.  The pre-requisite does not necessarily have to be taken first. But it must be taken before your data center certification can be awarded to you.

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Architecture of Hardware and Software

Facilities Management Certificate – this is a basic introduction to Facilities Management.

Networking Certificate

Two courses are offered here: Data Communication and Internet working.

Security Certificate

Topics covered for this certificate include Internet Security and System Administration and Management.

Operations and Process Management

The student will learn information on Managing IT Organizations, System Design and Analysis and Project Management.

Product Development and Financial Planning

This certificate program covers Project Management and Accounting for the Data Center.

For anyone who completes all six certificate programs they will be awarded the Certified Data Center Professional certificate (CDCP). In addition credits for these courses can then be applied to a Marist College Bachelor’s Degree.

You can check their website for more info:  Marist (IDCP) Data Center Education professionals


You can also keep up to date with current trends and technology by visiting Data Center Talk where we keep you informed on important changes as they occur.

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