Data Center University Certifications

This university offers data center certification courses in relation to power. These courses are particularly useful considering the state of our shrinking resources.  The Data Center offers a wide range of courses a few of which are highlighted below.

Data Center Planning: Standard Procedures – this course provides the student with a standardized predictable process which can then be adapted to suit individual needs.  This type of course will help a company eliminate down time and save costs when setting up and managing a data center.

Fundamentals of Power – this course is a basic level course aimed at teaching the student the basic needs and fundamentals of a data center. The basic power elements are discussed along with power problems which customers are facing today.

Battery Technology for Data Centers and Network Rooms – this course will look at the different types of batteries available and the planning and expected life cycle costs.

Determining Data Center User Requirements – this course is actually based upon a case study and focuses on the infrastructure of the data center. Aspects which are covered are foundation cooling, power racks and the security layers which are necessary. This is part one of a two part case study course.

Calculating Total Power Requirements – this course discusses how to assess the power requirements of the data center. Students will learn how to calculate power requirements and to determine the total power capacity which will be needed to support the data center.

Please visit Data Center University for more info, they have detail information about the courses.


You can also keep up to date with current trends and technology by visiting Data Center Talk where we keep you informed on important changes as they occur.

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