HP’s Thoughts on the New Data Center of the Future

HP recently released a white paper on how they see the future of data centers evolving. Following is a brief summary of their paper.

Data Centers are changing constantly with all the improvements and innovations that technology provides. It is now extremely important for companies to combine business along with technology if they want to be highly successful.

Future data centers will need to concentrate on the services that their clients require. This will result in ‘Service Data Center’s’ being formed.

Multiple Resources Data Center

These new data centers will provide multiple resources for their clients. As required the client may draw on these resources and use them for as long as necessary. When no longer needed the resource will be placed back into the Service Data Center pool and be available to other clients.

The data center of the future will be automated and flexible. This allows new businesses to draw on additional resources as required. It provides money saving costs for all businesses as their demand for resources fluctuates.

Traditional data centers are designed to handle ‘peaks’. This is effective in handling and delivering the required resources but the downside is that they can be expensive.

Virtual Data Center

Virtual data centers are designed to be ‘leveraged’. Resources are pooled together and drawn upon as needed. This design is optimal for dealing with peak processing times while it also helps leverage capital and operational funds.

Services data centers will not be IT focused but focused on business needs. Business functions are made available for clients and these functions will be automatic. When it comes to storage the new service centers will need to offer data classification along with storage capabilities.

The monitoring system within the services data center is crucial. Businesses are running in a ‘real time’ scenario so predictive monitoring is important. Component failure will need to be identified before failure occurs.

Availability of a Data Center

Availability could almost be considered the number one priority in a services based data center. By incorporating virtual solutions additional IT resources can be added on the fly and used by each client as required.

Automation is another key component of the services data center. Traditional service levels were based on metrics. The shift will now be required to something being called business service levels, which are directly related to a function such as meeting billing cycle needs. The business service level will show how the business is performing.

HP concludes that overall the new data center of the future will not just focus on technology. It will shift its focus to the services provided to their clients. This shift is vital for any company wanting to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.


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