Data Center Cooling

Cooling the data center effectively and efficiently has always been a hot topic among data center owners. Excess heat can make your servers fail!

Power and Cooling Management System

In this new brutal economy,  many data center managers are adopting an integrated approach to cut cost through getting the right power and cooling. Attaining the right cooling management system is crucial as heat fluxes continue to rise. As the technology improves, more people adopt products and services that could help to enhance the cooling capability of a data center. So, if you are looking for the right solution for cooling-related energy cost, you need to calculate the cooling requirements of your present and future business need. With these numbers, IT dept. can avoid the cost overruns. In the next step, you need to estimate the overall Data center cooling cost and strategies.

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Green Revolution of cooling.

Here, I present few tips that may reduce the energy required for cooling:

  • Identify the highest temperature rack: You need to identify the server racks that need space conditioning to directly cooling.
  • Design of data center: The data center should look cool! The design of the data center is important. The proper design of layout, rack densities, and temperature control can save your time, energy and money.
  • Humidification systems: Air Conditioners consume a lot of power.
  • Air-side economizers: These economizers provides outside air to cool the building, rather than using refrigeration equipment to cool the return air.
  • Effective ways to block heat: You can try insulation, reflective barriers and shading. Trees, vines and shrubs can be used to shade can be planted around data center. However, be careful, these trees should not hinder the air flow.
  • Keep the air filters clean: Dirty filters force air to go around filtration sections and can hinder the cooling process. It will rewire more efforts to clean a dirty evaporator coil as compared to replace filters. So, it is advisable, if you routinely change filters based on the pressure drop across the filter, calendar scheduling, or visual inspection.
  • Don’t cool unused space: Sometimes data center owners install cooling equipments in each corner of the facility. The cooling equipment in unused space consume power that goes waste.
  • Set thermostat for cooling, if applicable for data center.
  • When you lowering the condenser water temperature, it will decrease the chiller energy and it can increase the cooling tower fan energy consumption.


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