Dedicated Server Hosting

Why Go For a Dedicated Server Hosting?

When a business requires more raw resources than cloud services can make available at a reasonable cost, it’s time to deploy a dedicated server. In this model, the hosting company leases the customer a physical server that is used only by that customer. Generally the customer can select server components to suit specific needs. At this scale, the cost of raw resources begins to drop considerably. For example, disc storage might cost $1/gigabyte or more with many cloud hosting plans. With a dedicated server however, the customer can often purchase and deploy storage at a low one-time cost – an $80 hard disc can provide 2,000 Gb of storage – that is $0.04 per gigabyte. In this example, the cost of 2,000 Gb of raw storage could be $24,000/year in the cloud model versus $80/year with a dedicated server. This pricing will vary based on the provider – some hosting companies will sell storage components at an inflated on-time or monthly cost – but this is a valid example of the dramatic cost savings available.

On The Flip Side…

Some additional costs can be expected – such provisioning of KVMoIP (Keyboard/Video/Mouse over Internet Protocol) equipment, managed router/firewall and IPS (Intrusion Protection System) devices, RPC (Remote Power Control) devices, IP addresses etc.

With physical dedicated servers, the customer is entirely responsible for management of the system. The customer must install an operating system, and configure/manage all software components. If a disaster occurs – even if hardware-related, the hosting provider will charge substantial rates to assist the customer in recovering a damaged system. The customer must have sufficient in-house expertise and manpower to properly maintain their systems.


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