It won’t work functionally for the development as to build DBaaS. This was told by database firm.

MongoDB will never give anything functionally for the benefit of their customers by giving a new opportunity with this managed cloud version of its NoSQL database that is confirmed by VP of strategy.

“Those using Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) offerings such as Google Cloud Bigtable settle for basic products in exchange for lessening the burden and expense of managing a database” Kelly Stirman told this to media.

Like Amazon Web Services (AWS), you may deploy MongoDB in clouds and it will help to manage cloud service as the best part. There are no plans in the future for such foreseeable act and will give something great as it is offered to its users.

Stirman said there’s a stark contrast between MongoDB’s service and those of cloud players AWS, Google and Microsoft, despite the scalability offered by a cloud infrastructure. This he said while he was in New York at the MongoDB

He was the one telling, “What they provide tends to be very simple and it’s more focused on something that’s always on, and elastic, so you only pay for what you actually use, versus rich features and a sophisticated database,”

“Looking at MongoDB versus today’s DBaaS offerings, a customer has to choose ‘do I want this ease of use, this elasticity, or do I want a bunch of great features in my database?’.”

He also included, “A lot of times, you need those great features or you can’t build your application. Whereas the benefits of DBaaS are in terms of convenience, mostly.”

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