IBM is planning to obtain Weather Company’s digital business that is known to be the parent company for the weather channel and also for the company’s B2B and several other properties. The terms decided are not yet disclosed among the people. There is seen that the contract made is for long term where the deal is between the two where the licensing weather forecast data and all the analytics from IBM are setting it. It was seen that both the companies were already working together.
The owner of Weather Company is a private firm equity that is the Blackstone Group and Bain Capital that also include NBC universal and they declared it would host about the data of the weather that is serving IBM cloud computing platform.
The agreement made between two is for sharing information like data, and they also decided to follow different strategies that is among both businesses that has been seen this year. IBM owns the data for $2 billion.
John Kelly who is the senior vice president of the IBM solution portfolio and researcher said “The Weather Company’s extremely high-volume data platform, coupled with IBM’s global cloud and the advanced cognitive computing capabilities of Watson, will be unrivaled in the Internet of Things, as long as our clients important competitive benefit as they link their business and sensor data with weather and other pertinent information in real time and This powerful cloud platform will position IBM to arm complete industries with deep multimodal insights that will help enterprises gain clarity and take action from the oceans of data being generated around them.”
IBM decided to advance the information related to weather company’s digital advertising through mobile phones and also through websites so that the customers sponsored can be made and also for the solution of business.
CEO Dave Shull said “The Weather Channel will continue to be owned and supported by our existing shareholders — Bain Capital, Blackstone, and NBC Universal — and operate as a standalone business,”

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