It has been seen that Sainsbury recorded the highest ranking for the sales at the time of Christmas. There is rise of about 6 percent in the supermarkets that has been seen through websites during the presence of glitch of Christmas

For the last month, it was observed that Sainsbury got the highest ranking and there were some issues that were faced technically and left for the outraged for the customers who used it.

The results are now today in the market published by the supermarket that also told about the online arm who delivered 110,000 orders in a just a couple of days till the 23rd of December that is considered to be the biggest total during the whole life.

There were different transactions for the business that included for both on the net and off the net in stores that was around 29.5 million before the Christmas in the seven days.

For the quarter, it was seen that there was six percent in total sales and it was seen for just 0.4 percent with the sales in total. The chief executive Mike Coupe also stated that this Christmas intended to be most beneficial for us and was the best source for online shopping till the date. He also added that Sainsbury was only the reason people loved their Christmas time.

Sainsbury also faced some technical problems during this phase and occasion and Coupe also realized the mishap happened with Sainsbury, but still great success has been achieved.

The website was seen damaging for just half an hour on the December 22nd, in the evening when it was Sunday that cause difficulty for the people for placing their orders that were actually told by one of the usual customers.

Some customers were criticizing as well that were they not aware of the peak load they may receive during Christmas time. The site was indeed off for few hours, but people faced huge difficulty and were the peak time to place their orders and were unavailable to do it so. In spite of this, Sainsbury still managed to take the right orders for them and place them as soon as they can place.

There was also crashed for the Waitrose’s site on this occasion of Christmas that was followed an online meltdown over by the Black Friday in the month of November where few firms were not successful that includes Argos, Currys, and other similar with it.

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