Chinese Data Centers Experiencing Solid Growth

                The Chinese data centers market is forecast to grow at a rate of 20% annually for next five years according to reports released by Data Centers Dynamics Intelligence (research division).  China’s booming economy, booming business expansion and insatiable thirst for new technology are fueling the growth of

data centers. In recent years the Chinese data centers industry has experienced a strong growth, especially in metropolitan cities of china such as satellite, shanghai and Beijing.

                Hawkins Hua Shanghai based analyst says, “The rigid Internet supervision by the Chinese government has brought the challenge to the attractiveness of the Chinese data center market. Although the markets such as China offers strong potential benefits associated with growth, it also carries a variety of risks associated with investing in a region with a number of different cultural and regulatory environments. For those multinationals not accustomed to that control, Hong Kong would be a more favored site.”

                According to Chinese data center market trends 2012-13, Beijing alone has experienced a 45% growth compared to 2011-12, however overall growth is at a rate of 29.3% across China. Nicola Hayes Managing Director of DCD Intelligence said, “Although Hong Kong is the most developed data center market in China, Beijing and Shanghai are rapidly establishing themselves as data center hubs. Both cities have overtaken Hong Kong in terms of total available white space.”

                Chinese data center market trends 2012-13 estimated that the total investment in china data center marks over US$ 5.9 billion and expected to increase over US$ 7.5 billion. Over a quarter of data center infrastructures have been outsourced to China.

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