IO Awarded a Contract by Sur La Table

IO, a leading provider of modular data center technology recently announced that the company has received a contract from Sur La Table, the leading kitchen ware retailer. Sur La Table has approached IO to implement Data Center 2.0 solutions to optimize all its critical business operations. By making

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a move to Data Center 2.0 strategy, Sur La Table is shifting from the real estate based infrastructure to a more modernized modular sustainable installation which will enable the company to align its data center to business needs. Sur La Table has planned to use the Data Center as a Service platform delivered out of the IO Phoenix data center as its main data center. IO’s Data Center as a Service strategy has a very unique feature called the Active Power which is an always energy on application useful for the retailer’s continuous store transaction process. This service also includes the IO.OS strategy which is a Data Center Infrastructure Operating System through which the Seattle based Sur La Table can monitor its data center remotely. The software will provide Sur La Table the intelligent control needed to maximize data center utilization, resiliency and energy efficiency. “IO DCaaS delivers the always-on service level that Sur La Table requires in a way that allows them

to minimize capital expenditures and focus on core business competencies,” said Rick Crutchley, Senior Vice President, DCaaS Sales, IO. “Our solution will enable Sur La Table to implement only the data center capacity they need to support their business, while also providing the ability to add more capacity quickly and without interruption to operations.” Data Center Talk updates its resources everyday. Visit us to know of the latest technology and standards from the data center world. Please leave your views and comments on DCT Forum

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