Citrix and NetApp together have developed a software and hardware system optimized for Citrix’ Share files with Storage zones.

Sharefiles with Storage zones is a service very similar to cloud based file storage and sharing services. More commonly it is similar to the DropBox, Apple’s iCloud or Google’s Drive which allows CIOs to store files in their own data centers without depending on the cloud.

Organizations have the freedom of adhering to data storage compliance regulations while at the same time allowing users to access their data from anywhere at any time. Storing data close to users will also improve performance and uptime s opposed to the cloud, the two companies said.

Citrix and NetApp have plans of expanding their networks and bringing in an army of forces so that every enterprise is facilitated with this on site file sharing and storing. The two have seen to it that StorageZones works with NetApp's FAS and V-Series storage systems running its clustered Data ONTAP software.

Purchase of the

StorageZones service will also allow enterprises to make use of features such as de- deployment and compression to reduce the amount of storage space required for employee content.

On Wednesday, Citrix also announced two new NetScaler MPX hardware appliances aimed at smaller enterprises, it said.

This is the second time in less than a month Citrix and NetApp have joined forces to make life a little easier for IT staff.

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