One of the leading data center developer, Telecom Real Estate Services(TRES) launches a Block Data Center facility in Las Vegas. This move by the developing firm confirms a new marketing strategy to establish a wholesale data center space.

This facility is located on Losse road and is all set to provide a massive 13.8 megawatt power in blocks of data center space to its enterprise customers. TRES is mainly considering the healthcare industry as its primary client.

TRES has confirmed the construction of the project in North Las Vegas to go up this week. It is going to be a 7500 sq ft facility, providing their prospective customers with separate data center spaces with options on how their space would be developed and priced.

“The way that the Block Data Center program works is we build the core and shell and all the N+1 systems,” said Kevin Keating, CEO of TRES. “The tenant then selects whether they want to finance their own improvements and keep the rents comparable to office rents or we build and finance it for them at colocation rent. Each block is completely self sufficient other than the N+1 Systems. Each tenant has their own power, HVAC and Generator with the building providing inline N+1 backup.”

Telecom Real Estate Services is a veteran of the industry, providing some of the best telecom, and data center development services in the market. It has established the Carrier Center portfolio and distributed it to over 360 networks, and has about 1.1 million sq ft of rack space. The company recently revamped its Sacramento center and then sold it to Digital Realty.

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