Cognizant plans to expand its data center footprint by establishing data centers in the U.S. and U.K. As part of the strategy, Cognizant will initially invest $25 million to open additional data centers in Arizona and Virginia in the US, Amsterdam (the Netherlands), and Slough (UK). These data centers are coupled with enterprise-class multi-tenant cloud platform, and will further strengthen Cognizant‘s infrastructure management capabilities and enable clients Generic levitra online to maximize value in their IT environment.

Cognizant’s enterprise-class, multi-tenant cloud infrastructure platform broadens the company’s overall cloud services portfolio, which includes cloud assessment, architecture and design consulting, cloud system integration, and cloud management services across private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions.

“Clients need to modernize their IT capabilities and bring consumer IT models to their users, and at the same time virtualizes their infrastructure, rationalize costs, and improve productivity through flexible, as-a-service business models,” said Robert Boles, Senior Vice President of Cognizant’s IT Infrastructure Services practice. “With our expanded cloud capabilities across our network of data centers, we can greatly enhance our ability to fulfill this growing client need.”

“Emergence of cloud computing shifted the emphasis in infrastructure services away from low-cost labor arbitrage toward transformation-driven offerings,” said Ross Tisnovsky, senior VP-research at Everest Group. “In the absence of industry standards, we believe that service providers without strong in-house infrastructure solutions are less likely to seize cloud-related opportunities, while those that integrate in-house capabilities with system integration and professional services, like Cognizant, will be more successful in providing cloud solutions in the global services marketplace.”

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