Malicious Black Hole Exploit Kit Attacking Web-Hosting Servers

Midsize businesses and IT professionals must always be diligent in monitoring their company websites for protection against potential security threats even more so if their web-hosting server uses the Parallel brand Plesk Panel as the automated tool to monitor and manage administrative tasks. According to a recent news report, a multitude of websites have fallen victim to hackers’ tactics in employing an updated version of the malicious Black Hole exploit toolkit.

Attackers Use Crafty Methods to Gain Access

Hackers have been using cunning ways to gain access to websites, including targeting generated domain names with viral malicious code. Websites whose hosting servers use Parallel’s Plesk Panel started reporting the effects of the Black Hole exploit during July. The scope of the infected websites has been primarily confined to those affiliated with a web-hosting service that utilizes the Parallel brand control panel.

As noted in the InfoWorld report, the most recently released version of Parallel’s Plesk Panel 11 is not as susceptible to hacker’s attacks. It should be noted that Parallel is presently responding to reports that hackers are attempting to infect Plesk Panel 10.4, so users should be on alert. However, this news does little to calm users of other, older versions of the administrative control panel. For those IT professionals whose current web-hosting platform utilizes older versions of the Plesk Panel, it is strongly advised that they be particularly diligent in monitoring their data.

Acquire a Patch and Adopt New Passwords

As with most security issues that affect a system’s platform, the typical solution usually includes acquiring a patch and adopting new passwords. These are the words of wisdom offered by Parallel toward alleviating the security issues in using their Plesk Panel. An additional suggestion offered by Parallel includes erasing and clearing out all records of activity when logged into the control panel. This task would be similar in fashion to when a user deletes Internet cookies and temporary files from their computer after logging off.

As is the case with most malicious attacks, it is important to stay current and up-to-date relative to the latest security threats. Midsize businesses need to monitor and protect their company’s websites, as they are portals for prospective clients. IT professionals that administer and manage security protocols must be ever diligent in their efforts to safeguard access from possible hackers whose only goal is to take advantage of vulnerabilities.


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