Data center RFP (Request For Proposal) – 7 essential tips for writing and evaluating RFPs and specifications


Have you ever wondered at the amazing progress that technology has made over the last couple of centuries? Much of our daily life now depends on information technology. Data centers have become crucial in the world today for disseminating information and problem solving. The situation may come about in our business life where we ask, ‘What makes an effective data center room?’ This could be a difficult question to answer for those who are not familiar with modern data center rooms. A data center room is a facility for keeping and safeguarding all systems involved in the proper functioning of computers. Effective data centers are established by following certain well stipulated procedures.  

This is an image from S&C Pure Wave and UPS systems, that is compliant with the environment.

Designing data centers and promoting their continuous improvement and modification is a complex task. In the early days of computer technology computers weren’t the small and compact machines they are today; instead they were very large and bulky mainframe computers. These computers were slow in both interface and distribution of data and even manipulation of information was difficult. Sometimes they overheated and needed to be cooled. Due to all these complications, there was a need to improve the performance of these computers. This led to the invention of data centers which had much more powerful computers that were much better suited to both the modern age and the future. Information technology has really moved on and one of the results is the introduction of enhanced and better equipped data centers. Data center services are crucial for the 21st century. Modern, small and compact computers have contributed greatly to better and faster ways of acquiring and manipulating data. These data centre services streamline any operation performed by computers and make it easier for an individual to operate and acquire any information needed at any time. Product marketing can determine the level of a data center services performance; this is a well orchestrated procedure for determining the customer’s needs and then come up with products that meet their needs perfectly. This is one of the areas which have, in the past, have been ignored when it comes to development and implementation of data centers. Marketing is behind improved sales, so improving the performance of data centers and the provision of data center services and then doing customer- oriented marketing should not be ignored. For many years system designers and researchers have been researching how data centers and data center services can be improved. Data centers are not a concept of science fiction, but a system of interconnected computers and information technology facilities which are meant to serve the general good of the entire world. To come up with a modern data center means investing in modern infrastructures, computers, internet facilities and wireless enhancements. An effective and well established data center room depends entirely on the strength and the level of technology in use. How can we talk about effective data center rooms and data center services if we will not commit our efforts and money into capital investment? Data center services are essential for the new era, so a researcher and a designer of a data center should think and strategize beforehand. Here are some tips on how to do this:

Tip one:  in depth instructions and applicability

The predicted performance and how this performance will be met should be established well in advance; data centers to be developed, customers for data center services  and the data center room developers to be involved should not be left to chance if provision of all data center services is to be ensured. Strategy should be well planned and the end project of an excellent standard to keep motivation high

Tip two: Benefits of planned specifications

Planned data center specifications serve a huge role in the development of data center rooms and facilities. The importance of such specifications cannot be underestimated if data center services are to be successful. Data center management and development entirely depends on the needs of the customers. Data center room designers tailor data center rooms so that clients can give value for money in their business dealings. In this fast paced modern era what is called for are effective products delivered by effective data center management and coordination. Some people, especially those who don’t know much about information technology, may tend to ask questions like, ‘What does data center management entail? As a specialist in technology, you may find this a difficult question to answer. Understand the question; potential designers of data centers are expected to be very much informed on what it they are and how to design them in such a way that if a customer reads the written proposal, they are definitely attracted by it and therefore bid on it. That is why they need to ask themselves what good and effective data center management calls for before committing themselves, or they may not be successful in getting clients.

Tip three: style.

The way in which the information is put across will influence the choice of company for the design of a data center room. The language used by data service management should be precise and to the point.

Tip four: Choosing data center room designers.

Once the contractors have submitted their applications, effective screening should be left only to qualified data center room developers. Taking on just any contractor will result in unsuitable data centers which will, in the long run, affect data center management and data center services delivery.

Tip five: compiling the data center summary

A well organized list of all tasks, broken down into many data center management areas, is necessary. This step-by-step break down of a complex process is very helpful to contractors as it helps them to come up with a clear forecast of the cost structures. This will help them in planning the data center, which is one the most crucial functions of data center management.

Tip six: Avoid rip-offs.

There can be loopholes in any contract, so it is advised that an expert is engaged to prevent any exploitation of the data center management.

Tip seven: Knowledge of the identifiable and provisional costs.

An effective data center management should do all it can to ensure they understands the costs which can be determined precisely and those which are approximate.

Knowledge is power, so having clear details on cost and money-saving strategies should be at the forefront of the minds of everyone involved especially those involved in data center management. This will ensure a successful future for all.