Battery Room Compliance Checklist – Sponsored by EnviroGuard

Battery room is considered as heart of power backup for datacenter. Ride through of battery room decide for how long your datacenter can survive during disaster or power outage. Battery Room is housing batteries which are connected to UPS system and provide backup power as needed. As this is critical section of datacenter design hence there are many industry standards to meet design best battery room.

Compliance Requirements highlights many important and critical areas like :

  • Battery Spill Containment System
  • Neutralization and Absorption Pillows
  • Spill Clean-up Kit
  • Safety Protection Gear
  • EyeWash Station
  • Battery & Safety Signage
  • Hydrogen Gas Monitors
  • Acid Resistant Aisle Mats
  • Battery Terminal Covers
  • Battery Maintenance
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Training Program

Very good and useful checklist is Sample Flooded Battery Site Assessment Checklist

This check list is created by EnviroGuard

Also Data Center talk has nice article on Battery room

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