While choosing site for data center, some points shall be pondered. Completed study with following area of interest will help you to indentify best location for your data center.

Physical Security


  • Anonymity
  • Protection (Barriers, Patrols)
  • Observation (Lights, Cameras and Monitoring Station)
  • Entry Points
  • Locks, Guards, Logs, Mantraps


  • Access Control (Passkeys, Compartmentalization, Creation and Review of Logs, Identification and Escort Requirements, Use of Cages/Rooms)
  • Observation (Cameras, Video Recording, Tape Maintenance and Review)

Environment Controls

  • Detection of smoke, heat, sound, water, humidity
  • Fire suppression systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Power plant (multiple power supplies, internal distribution and switching systems, UPS systems, testing)


  • Multiple carriers
  • Internal distribution and switching systems
  • Control Center (location, staffing, scope of responsibility, monitoring systems, escalation procedures)
  • Testing

Network Management

  • Control Center (location, staffing, scope of responsibility, monitoring systems, escalation procedures)

System Configuration

  • Redundancy
  • Logical security (firewalls, IDS, DMZ, log management, backups)
  • Change management (plan review, authorization, testing)Capacity Planning
  • Performance characteristics

Rackwise Manages all Aspects of Your Data Center

Rackwise is a multi- layered software product that provides a series of solutions for managing multiple dimensions of a company’s IT infrastructure and data center(s). Using Rackwise allows companies to optimize their use of components such as power, cooling, space, servers, networks, cables, etc. Improved management of these resources delivers an improved Return on Investment from one of the most critical and most expensive corporate expenditures – your IT Infrastructure.

Rackwise delivers four solution areas –

  • Data Center Essentials
  • Data Center Optimization
  • Data Center Intelligence
  • Data Center Business


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Data Center Services by PTS

In today’s highly competitive, warp-speed changing, climate where businesses can’t stop and downtime is measured in profits lost, PTS offers solutions for protection against some of the leading causes of critical systems downtime, hardware damage, data loss and decreased employee productivity. Highly respected in our industry, PTS sets the standard for continuous availability solutions for facilities to data centers to desktop systems.

Founded in 1998, PTS is a data center consulting firm and turnkey solutions provider, offering a broad range of project experience, specializing in designing data centers, computer rooms and technical spaces that integrate, best-of-breed, critical infrastructure technologies and result in continuously available, scalable, redundant, fault-tolerant, manageable and maintainable mission critical environments.

PTS corporate headquarters in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, and our office in Orange County, California, PTS works to fulfill our mission of creating satisfied customers by emphasizing pre-design & planning services to provide the optimal solution to meet our clients needs and resulting in an early & accurate alignment between scope, schedule and budge.

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